Robert Fox

Hey, I'm Robert.  Like most of you guitar players, I started playing in Jr. High School.  I guess you could say my style is influenced by the 70's sound as a whole, as opposed to any specific artists or groups. 

 Though I use different guitars for different sounds, my "go-to" axe has become a PRS 408.  I play through a Fender Supersonic Twin Reverb Ltd., and have returned to an array of stomp-boxes for effects.

 Something that sets PapaRox apart are our vocals.  Your typical band doesn't cover those sweet three part harmonies.   Another thing that sets us apart is the work we put into making our live sound as much like the record as we can.   You'll hear your favorite horn parts, or lead guitar licks note-for-note-- making those old memories and feelings come alive again.

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